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Request for a Reprinting of the “Rules,” 15 April 1774

Request for a Reprinting of the “Rules”7

Printed in The Gazetteer and New Daily Advertiser, April 15, 1774.

To the Printer of the Gazetteer.

Having lately had occasion to turn over some news-papers, published in the course of the last summer, in search of an advertisement, I accidentally stumbled upon a letter, containing many excellent rules, by which a great empire may be reduced to a small one.

As I apprehend this plan is at present under the consideration of the House of Commons, I think a re-publication of it, at this time, would not be improper. The rules appear to me to be admirably adapted to the end proposed; and tho’ the experience that we have since gained may enable a shrewd politician to improve upon some of them, there are others perhaps which will serve to furnish Lord North with some ideas that possibly may not hitherto have occurred to him. I have therefore sent you an authenticated copy of them, and accompany it with this request, that you will speedily give them a place in the Gazetteer.

A Fidler.

[Note numbering follows the Franklin Papers source.]

7We find plausible Verner Crane’s reasons for attributing this request to BF: Letters to the Press, p. 257. The Gazetteer obliged with the full text of the satire as printed above, XX, 391–9.

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