Benjamin Franklin Papers

To Benjamin Franklin from Sir John Pringle, 6 December 1771: résumé

From Sir John Pringle

AL: American Philosophical Society

<Friday, December 6, [17716], a note in the third person. Requests Franklin’s company at dinner next Sunday to meet Mlle. Biheron and Dr. Ingenhousz before the latter’s departure.>

[Note numbering follows the Franklin Papers source.]

6During BF’s second mission Dec. 6 fell on a Friday in 1765 and 1771, and the latter was almost certainly the year. BF’s papers first refer to Mlle. Biheron and Ingenhousz in 1767–68 (above, XIV, 4; XV, 115); she was in town at some time during 1771, he was there on Nov. 28, and BF expected to be back from the north by Nov. 30. Barbeu-Dubourg to BF below, May 31, 1772; Sir Archibald Geikie, Annals of the Royal Society Club... (London, 1917), p. 112; BF to Mary Hewson above, Nov. 25.

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