Benjamin Franklin Papers

To Benjamin Franklin from Thomas Gilpin, 8 June 1770: extract

From Thomas Gilpin3

Extract: reprinted from “Memoir of Thomas Gilpin,” Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, XLIX (1925), 313.

June 8th. [1770]

As the late repeal of the acts in England more fully developes itself the singularity of its not taking effect till December next makes it appear the more as if the ministry had adopted a system of traps and decoys. But they have alarmed the game and it will require considerable time if it ever is accomplished to forget the snares; the disposition now seems to be to adhere to the non-importation agreement untill all the acts are repealed and such repeal actually commences.4 The people will never be reunited while England shall attempt to impose any laws in the making of which they have no voice.

[Note numbering follows the Franklin Papers source.]

3But perhaps not to BF; see the headnote to Gilpin’s letter above, June 1.

4A meeting of Philadelphia merchants on June 5 decided, almost unanimously, to keep in force their original agreement of March, 1769. See Pa. Gaz., June 7, 1770, where similar action by the New York merchants was reported.

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