Benjamin Franklin Papers

Dates of Journeys Abroad, 1766–69: résumé

Dates of Journeys Abroad, 1766–699

AD: American Philosophical Society

[Memorandum of the dates of Franklin’s departure from and return to England on his trips to Germany in 1766 (June 15 and Aug. 13),1 to Paris in 1767 (Aug. 28 and Oct. 8), and to Paris in 1769 (July 14 and Aug. 24).]

[Note numbering follows the Franklin Papers source.]

9Hitherto documents covering a span of years, such as accounts, have been printed under the first date entered. Hereafter they will be printed or résuméd under the final date, in this case Aug. 24, 1769, so that whatever light they throw on the period covered may be explained in terms of material already in print.

1An error for Aug. 16; see above, XIII, 384.

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