Benjamin Franklin Papers

Notes on a Week’s Diet and Poor Health, [between 12 June 1769, and 30 July 1770]

Notes on a Week’s Diet and Poor Health

AD: Library of Congress

[Between June 12, 1769, and July 30, 17701]

Monday—Din’d at Club2—Beef

Tuesday—at Mr. Foxcrofts—Fish

Wednesday—Dolly’s3 Beefstake

Felt Symptoms of Cold Fullness

Thursday—Mr. Walker’s4—Beef

Predicted it

Friday at home  Mutton

Little Soreness of Throat

Saturday Club  Veal

very bad at Night  Wine Whey

Sunday—no Dinner  continue bad[bed?]

Monday morn. Had a good Night, am better

U[rine] has deposited a reddish fine Sand.

1So dated because of the reference to dining at Mr. Foxcroft’s. Although the time bracket is unlikely to have much value, the means of establishing it may be worth explaining to illustrate how such problems of dating can sometimes be narrowed when they cannot be solved. The Pa. Packet, on which Foxcroft came to England, arrived on May 30 or 31 (Lloyd’s Evening Post, May 31–June 2, 1769), and by the following Tuesday he might conceivably have found lodgings in which to entertain BF; in that case the end of the week chronicled was Monday, June 12, and in accordance with our policy we are placing the notes there. As for the other end of the time bracket, BF would scarcely have referred to Foxcroft alone after the latter had been married, in a ceremony in which BF had given away the bride. The wedding was on Thursday, Aug. 2, 1770, and BF dined that day not with Mr. Walker but with Thomas Coombe (Coombe to his father, Aug. 4, Hist. Soc. of Pa.). Hence the latest date for BF’s notes is the week ending on Monday, July 30.

2Undoubtedly John Ellicott’s Monday club at the George & Vulture, for which see Verner W. Crane, “The Club of Honest Whigs: Friends of Science and Liberty,” W&MQ, 3d ser., XXIII (1966), 213–15.

3Dorothea Blunt.

4In all likelihood the same person who had invited him to dinner two years before: XIV, 93.

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