Benjamin Franklin Papers

From Benjamin Franklin to Deborah Franklin, 21 March 1769

To Deborah Franklin

AL: American Philosophical Society

London, March 21. 1769

My dear Child,

By Capt. Sparks Mrs. Stevenson sent you a large square Case, containing the Things mentioned in the inclos’d Invoice; it was marked Stores for Mrs. Franklin Philadelphia, and carried on board by our Porter, who says he deliver’d it to the Mate, but he brought back no Receipt. The Mate told him he liv’d not far from you, and knew us both. I hope there has been no Mistake, and that he has not put it on board a wrong Ship.

Mrs. Stevenson now sends you per Capt. Creighton a little Trunk marked with brass Nails SB containing the Things mentioned in the other Paper, which she bought; and also ½ a Dozen Caudle Cups and Saucers of my Choice for Sally; they cost 3 Guineas, are in my Opinion great Beauties.6 I hope they will get safe and whole to hand.

Mrs. Stevenson sends her Love to you and Sally, says she is always willing and ready to do every thing for you, but cannot write; rejoices that you are so happy with your Son and Daughter living with you; hopes you will soon be a happy Grandmother, and wishes she could come and kiss the Child, &c. &c. &c. and keeps talking as much as would fill [missing] My Love to Sally [missing] Thanks

Addressed: To / Mrs Franklin / at / Philadelphia per Capt. Creighton / with a small / Trunk, marked / S.B.

[Note numbering follows the Franklin Papers source.]

6The first reference to the impending arrival of Benjamin Franklin Bache, who was born in the following August. The chest marked with Sally’s initials may have contained presents for her and the baby; the caudle-cups were for her alone. Caudle is a warm drink, made of wine or ale, bread, sugar, spices, and sometimes eggs, given to a woman in childbed and her visitors.

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