Benjamin Franklin Papers

From Benjamin Franklin to Joseph Galloway, 27 September 1766

To Joseph Galloway

ALS: Yale University Library

London, Sept. 27. 1766

Dear Friend,

Since my last of the 12th Instant,6 I have been told that one Williamson of Pensilvania7 who is here, reads Letters at the Coffeehouse, said to be from you to me, or from me to you, I know not which, nor have I been told the Import of them, so I cannot judge whether they may not be Forgeries. He is going over, and probably you may hear more of the Matter there than I can yet learn here. One thing only I would mention to you, which is, that I recollect several of my Friends Letters, and your particularly, sent to me at several Times by the North of Ireland, appear’d to me to have been very clumsily open’d and dabb’d up again, as if done with a hot Poker, all Impression of the Seal being destroy’d, and a great deal of coarser Wax added: For which Reason I would wish you to write no more to me by that Course, as I apprehend some Scoundrel may be employ’d there in the scandalous Office of prying into, and perhaps making bad or false Copies of our Correspondence. Williamson has spent some time in Scotland since he came over; I know not whether he was in Ireland.

The Parliament will sit down in November, when the great Officers of State will be more generally in Town. Till then I can have little to say to the Committee, and beg you will excuse to them my not Writing. Mr. Jackson is still in the Country.

I purpose by the Meeting of Parliament to publish, (with a few Additions and Alterations which you have given me Leave to make) your excellent Piece on the Necessity of an Union between the Mother Country and her Colonies. And I think the other also.8 With constant Regard and Esteem, I am, my dear Friend, Most affectionately yours,

B Franklin

Jos. Galloway Esqr

Addressed: To / Joseph Galloway, Esqr / Philadelphia9

Endorsed: Doctr. B. Franklin Sept. 27. 1766

[Note numbering follows the Franklin Papers source.]

6Not found.

7Hugh Williamson (above, X, 266 n), author of several attacks on BF and his party, including What is Sauce for the Goose (above, XI, 380–4). He had been abroad for medical study, returning to Philadelphia in December 1766. Pa. Gaz., Dec. 11, 1766. Williamson was probably responsible for sending to Philadelphia the letters to and from John Hughes relating to the Stamp Act printed in Pa. Jour., Sept. 4, 1766, Supplement, and the extract of a letter from Galloway to BF, Sept. 20, 1765, printed in the same issue and reprinted in the issue of Sept. 11, 1766 (above, XII, 269–70).

8Galloway’s “Americanus” piece and a pamphlet he mentioned on Jan. 13, 1766, as then being written, but which he apparently never finished; above, XII, 218–19, 269 n; and this volume, pp. 35–6. BF does not appear to have carried out his proposed reprinting in England.

9The following notes, apparently in Galloway’s hand, appear on the address page: “depth of Chimney 1. foot. 9. Inches Width of Chimney 3. feet—Suppose the new formed Walls to be of the thickness of a Brick, make the Plates accordingly/Hugh Roberts, thin Iron Plates 15 Inches high, to keep fire from fallg on floor/Hewlings the Bricklayer at Burlington.”

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