Benjamin Franklin Papers

Amelia Evans: Receipt, 19 February 1766

Amelia Evans: Receipt

DS:2 American Philosophical Society

[February 19, 1766]

Receiv’d Feb. 19. 1766 of Benja. Franklin Five Guineas for the Plate of the American Map3 made by my Father Lewis Evans and the Right to the Copy of the Book wrote by him to explain that Map.

Amelia Evans

£5. 5. 0

Endorsed: No 734 Amelia Evans £11. 11. 0 Note, Herein is an Order on Mrs Strettell for £6. 6s. 0d.5 Sent to Mrs Franklin Jan. 26. 1771

[Note numbering follows the Franklin Papers source.]

2The entire document except the signature is in BF’s hand.

3See the document immediately above for an explanation for this receipt. After the publication of his General Map of the Middle British Colonies in America and his accompanying Analysis in Philadelphia in June 1755 Lewis Evans consigned several copies to Robert Dodsley for sale in London with instructions that in case his map was “hashed up in a New Form or pyrated” (which was exactly what happened) Dodsley should consult Thomas Pownall about “getting it Engraven at large and the Analysis published with it.” The press of business prevented Pownall from bringing out an authorized edition of the map and there matters rested until 1766, when Amelia assigned her rights to the plate and copyright of the Analysis to BF as security for the loan of five guineas mentioned in this receipt. In 1776 Pownall published Evans’ map in a new and enlarged edition, stating that the profits would go to Amelia and her children, a promise which both he and BF tried very hard to keep. See Evans to Dodsley, Jan. 25, 1756, PMHB, lix (1935), 295–301. Evans’ 1755 map and his Analysis are reproduced and reprinted in Lawrence H. Gipson, Lewis Evans (Phila., 1939), 141–76, and appendix.

4The number assigned to the map transaction in BF’s Journal, 1764–1776, p. 7.

5The part of this endorsement from “Note” to this point was struck through and the remainder was added, apparently at a later date. Since BF sent the order on Mrs. Amos Strettell to DF for collection, he did not enter it in his own Journal and Ledger.

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