Benjamin Franklin Papers

To Benjamin Franklin from Peter Collinson, 8 June 1763

From Peter Collinson

ALS: American Philosophical Society

Londn. June 8: 1763

The Going away of Ships are So uncertain, and I am So Frequent out of Town—I write this Letter to my Dear Friend premature because I do not Inclose a receipt for the Box which I expect to do in my Next if I am not out of Town when the Ship Sails.

The Box comes by Capt. Friend in the Carolina.7 In it is Books and Catologues for Lib: Company,8 Some for J: Bartram and the Hist. Florida for your Self.9 If you have it by no Other Hand I am perswaded it will be Acceptable.

As I have no Account with the Lib: Com. I make you Debtor for their Books So please to be reimbursed by them.

I had the pleasure of yours of 10br [December]: 71—and felicitate you on the Comforts that both I and you Enjoye in our Family Connections. These are Joyes better felt, than Expressed. I am Sincerely Yours

P Collinson

More in my Next

1763 Ben Franklin Dr.
16 To No 37 and 38 of Modn. Histy 13:
To Histy of Florida 2 V 6:
To Edwards Hist of Bird and [Binding?]: VII Vol 2: 5:
 Box 1:
3: 5:

Shiping Charges
Don’t yett know

The Box is Directed For You and Committed to the Care of Danl. Mildred2 to Ship with his Goods.

Lett not the Lib: Com bind up the Colour’d Prints of Insects for I Expect 2 or 3 More Plates.3

Mr. Canton4 thinks you have forgot Him.

From the New York News Paper I See a New Colony called New Wales is going to be Setled on the Ohio.

In the Advertizement Mention is made that a Work will Shortly be published relating to this Expedition. When it comes out pray send it Mee.5

Addressed: To / Benn: Franklin Esqr / in / Philadelphia

[Note numbering follows the Franklin Papers source.]

7Pa. Gaz., Sept. 22, 1763, recorded the entry at Philadelphia of the Carolina, Capt. James Friend.

8Collinson, who had been purchasing books for Lib. Co. Phila. since 1732 (above, I, 248 n), apparently sent volumes XXXVII and XXXVIII of An Universal History, from the Earliest Account of Time to the Present, for which there seems to have been a standing order (see above, p. 152 n); and George Edwards’ A Natural History of Uncommon Birds … (4 vols., London, 1743–51) and the same author’s Gleanings of Natural History, containing Figures of Quadrupeds, Birds, Insects, and Plants &c. (3 vols., London, 1758–64).

9This may have been William Roberts’ An Account of the First Discovery and Natural History of Florida (London, 1763), although a letter from Capt. Thomas Robinson with which the book concludes is dated June 22, 1763. Collinson could, however, have acquired an advance copy.

1See above, pp. 166–9.

2A London Quaker merchant.

3These prints may have been intended for Edwards’ Gleanings of Natural History.

4John Canton, the English electrical experimenter; see above, IV, 390 n.

5For Lieut. Thomas Webb’s proposed colony of New Wales, see above, p. 256 n. Webb’s advertisement, which was printed in the Pa. Gaz., April 21, 1763, was reprinted, with alterations, in London Chron., June 9–11, 1763, and Gent. Mag., XXXIII (June, 1763), 287–8.

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