Benjamin Franklin Papers

To Benjamin Franklin from [Keane] Fitz Gerald and [Charles] Morton, [1759–1775?]

From [Keane] Fitz Gerald and [Charles] Morton8

AL: American Philosophical Society

Monday even [1759–1775?]9

Mr. Fitzgerald and Dr. Morton’s Compliments to Dr. Franklyn, and if it be agreable, purpose to wait upon Him on Friday even next, about 6 o’clock, with 2 Ladies.

Addressed: To / Benjamn. Franklyn / Esqr. Dr. of Laws. / Craven Street

[Note numbering follows the Franklin Papers source.]

8The first of these men may have been Keane Fitz Gerald, or Fitzgerald, of Poland St., London, F.R.S., 1756, who contributed papers on such diverse subjects as improvements to and uses for the steam engine, improvements to the thermometer and barometer, and methods of “checking the too luxuriant Growth of Fruit-Trees”; Phil. Trans., L (1757–58), 53–7, 370–4, 727–32; LI (1759–60), 823–33; LII (1761–62), 71–5, 146–54. The second of these men was almost certainly Dr. Charles Morton, physician and secretary of the Royal Society; see above, p. 71 n.

9This note may have been written at almost any time between February 1759, when BF received his doctorate at St. Andrews, and August 1762, or during his second mission to England. According to established practice, it should have been printed with similarly undated documents at the end of Volume VIII, but through an editorial error it was misfiled and overlooked until the present volume was in preparation. It must therefore be printed, with apologies, among other undated documents apparently belonging to 1762.

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