Benjamin Franklin Papers

To Benjamin Franklin from Sargent Aufrere & Co., 13 January 1762

From Sargent Aufrere & Co.

Two copies: Historical Society of Pennsylvania

To B. Franklin Esqr.

London 13th. Janry. 1762

Dear Sir

Mr. Barclay4 having been with us to day in consequence of his waiting on the Proprietor of Pensylvania for the Exemplification of the Bill,5 in order to take the necessary Steps for receiving the Colony’s Money from the Treasury, hath acquainted us, that upon mentioning to him our Intention of joining to take up such Bills as you were not provided with the means of payment of, as expressed in our Letter of the 9th. Instant,6 he utterly disapprov’d the same, and assigned such Reasons that Messrs. Barclays could in no wise concur in that Measure, namely that his Governor7 should never consent to our Reimbursement out of the Money we were to receive.8 We find ourselves incapacitated from doing what we wished to do, and must leave it to your Prudence to take such Measures as you think most proper upon the occasion, assuring you there is nothing in our Power we would not willingly have done to remedy the Inconveniencies that may arise from the Return of the Bills, and that we are always with a perfect Regard, Dear Sir, Your most obedient humble Servants

Sargent Aufrere & Co.

[Note numbering follows the Franklin Papers source.]

4Probably John, rather than David, Barclay, as it was John who signed with George Aufrere as agents of Pa. in correspondence with the Treasury about the grant for 1760, June 25, 1762. Pa. Col. Recs., IX, 50.

5The Pa. act of Sept. 26, 1761, appointing the Barclays, Sargent, and Aufrere to receive the province’s share of the parliamentary grants for 1759 and for subsequent years; see above, IX, 359 n.

6See above, p. 3.

7James Hamilton.

8For BF’s suggestion that the Barclays and Sargent Aufrere pay the bills which his stock sales could not cover and reimburse themselves from the parliamentary grant for 1759, see above, p. 4. In 1761 Penn had taken legal steps at the Treasury to prevent payment to BF of the colony’s share of later parliamentary grants. T. Penn to Hamilton, Jan. 9, June 13, 1761, Penn Papers, Hist. Soc. Pa.

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