Benjamin Franklin Papers

City of Glasgow: Admission as Burgess and Gild-Brother, 19 September 1759

City of Glasgow: Admission as Burgess and Gild-Brother

Two copies: Yale University Library5

At Glasgow the nineteenth Day of September one thousand seven hundred and fifty nine years:

The which day in Presence of the Right honourable John Murdoch Esquire Lord Provost6 of the said City Archibald Ingram Walter Brisbane and John Robertson Baillies thereof Colin Dunlap Dean of Gild and sundry of the Gild Council of said City Benjamin Franklin Esquire Doctor Of Laws is admitted and received Burges and Gild Brother of the said City and the whole Liberties Privileges and Immunities belonging to an Burges and Gild Brother thereof are granted to him in most ample form who gives his Oath of Fidelity as Use Extracted furth of the Gild Books of the said City by

Archibald McGilchrist Dep.

[Note numbering follows the Franklin Papers source.]

5In the Stiles Papers and College Records, respectively. BF undoubtedly supplied Stiles with the text, along with records of his other honors, July 11, 1763, at Stiles’s request. Stiles Papers, Yale Univ. Lib. BF’s own copy does not survive.

6John Murdoch, of a mercantile family prominent in the government of Glasgow in the middle of the eighteenth century, was chosen lord provost six times between 1746 and 1759. Robert Renwick, ed., Extracts from the Records of the Burgh of Glasgow with Charters and Other Documents, VI, A.D. 1739–1759 (Glasgow, 1911), p. 602.

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