Benjamin Franklin Papers

Isaac Norris to Samuel Preston Moore: Order for Money Payment, with Franklin’s Receipt, 24 September 1756

Isaac Norris to Samuel Preston Moore: Order for Money Payment, with Franklin’s Receipt

DS:7 Historical Society of Pennsylvania

In Assembly Septr. 24, 1756

Pay to Benjamin Franklin, or Order, the Sum of Two hundred and Ten Pounds, Thirteen Shillings and Ninepence Halfpenny; being the Ballance of his Account for Expences paid by him for Establishing a Post between Winchester and Philadelphia in Pursuance of a Resolve of the House; and for Postage of Letters to the Army under the late General Braddock.8

£210 13s. 9½d.

Signed by Order of the House
Isaac Norris Speaker

To Samuel P. Moore, Esqr. Provincial Treasurer

Recd. March 17, 1757 of Cha. Norris Esqr. the within Sum of Two Hundred and Ten Pounds Thirteen Shillings and nine pence halfpenny. But in Case the Provincial Treasurer shall not have Money come to his Hands to repay the same into the Loan Office before the Committee of Assembly proceed to sink the first Payment of the £80,000 I do promise and oblige my self to repay the same.

B Franklin

Endorsed: Order in favr of B Franklin and his rect for £210 13s. 9½d. pd March 17th. 1757 chargd in accot. Votes 1757.9

[Note numbering follows the Franklin Papers source.]

7The payment order is in William Franklin’s hand, except for Norris’ signature; the receipt is in BF’s hand.

8See above, pp. 12 n, 488–9, for the post route.

9This endorsement by Loan Office Trustee Charles Norris accords with the entry of payment to BF in Votes, 1756–57, p. 166; there is no evidence that BF made the repayment for which he accepted obligation. Also among the papers of Charles Norris are two other orders of the same date for payments to BF signed by Speaker Norris by order of the House: one in William Franklin’s hand and addressed to the Trustees of the Loan Office for £80 2s. 2½d. (with interest of £4 15s. 9d.) “being the sum subscribed and paid by him [BF] towards purchasing Cloathing for the New England Troops” (see above, p. 479 n); the other, a printed form with MS insertions addressed to Samuel Preston Moore, provincial treasurer, for £210 4s. 3d. for “Printing Votes, &c.” BF receipted these two orders on Oct. 26, 1756, and March 17, 1757, respectively, the second with the same obligation as in the receipt printed above. Hist. Soc. Pa.

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