Benjamin Franklin Papers

To Benjamin Franklin from Edward Braddock, 29 May 1755

From Edward Braddock

MS not found; extract printed in Votes and Proceedings of the House of Representatives, 1754–1755 (Philadelphia, 1755), p. 175.

May 29, 1755

A sentence from this unlocated letter was quoted in the Pennsylvania Assembly’s reply, Sept. 29, 1755, to Governor Morris’ charge, September 24, that the Assembly had done little to support Braddock’s expedition (see below, p. 208).9

[Note numbering follows the Franklin Papers source.]

9Doubtless this was one of the letters BF had Daniel Fisher copy (see below, p. 67 n). On June 12 Fisher wrote in his diary: “This morning about 9. Mr. Franklin sent for me to copy a pretty long letter from General Braddock, acknowledging the care of the Pennsylvanians in sending provisions, etc., to the forces, Mr. Franklin in particular, and complaining of the neglect of the Governments of Virginia and Maryland especially, in speaking of which two colonies he says: They had promised everything and performed nothing; and of the Pennsylvanians, he said: They had promised nothing and had performed everything. That even the small supply he had received from the first two colonies were in general so decayed and damaged as to be of no use. And in a letter before this, of which I only saw a Copy, the General acknowledges he had been greatly imposed on in the character given him of the People of Pennsylvania, but that he would ere long take an opportunity of doing ample justice to the Ministry at Home.” “Extracts from the Diary of Daniel Fisher, 1755,” PMHB, XVII (1893), 272.

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