Benjamin Franklin Papers

Deborah Franklin to Margaret Strahan, 24 December 1751

Deborah Franklin to Margaret Strahan9

ALS: Yale University Library

Desember 24 1751


I am ordored by my master to write for sum books for Salley Franklin. I am in hopes shee will be abel to write her selfe by the Spring.1

  • 8 Sets of the Preceptor best Edit
  • 8 Doz of Croxalls Fables
  • 3 Doz of B[isho]p Kenns Manual for winchester School
  • 1 Doz of Fomiliar Formes Latin and Eng
  • Ainsworths Dictionaries 4 Best Edit
  • 2 Dozn of Select Tales and Fabels with prudentil Maxins
  • 2 Doz Costalios Test
  • Cole’s Dictionarys Lattin and Eng. 6 a halfe Doz
  • 3 Doz of Clarkes Cordery. 1 Boyles Pliny 2 Vols 8vo.
  • 6 Sets of Nature Displayd in 7 Volums 12mo
  • one good Quorto Bibel with Cutes [cuts] bound ruf Calfe
  • 1 Puerilia. 1 Art of making Common Salt per Browrigg.

My Dafter Gives her Duty to Mr. Strayhon and his Lady and her Compleyments to Master Billey and all his Brothers and Sisters. My Son is Gon to Boston on a Visit to his friends. I supose Mr. Franklin will write him Selfe. Mr. and Mis Hall air verey well. Thay have lost thair other Child.2 Shee lays in this winter. My Compleyments to Mr. Strayhon and all your Dear littel Famely. I am Dear Madam your Humbel Sarvant

Deborah Franklin

Enclos’d3 is a Bill on Mr. Richard Manley for £30 Barbadoes Currency. On the Change you will easily learn its Sterling Value. If Mr. Manley refuses to pay it, give his Letter to Mr. David Barclay, Merchant in London, who has a Power from Mrs. Middleton, and will compel him.4

Addressed: To  Mr Wm Strahan  Printer  London  Free to New York

Mr Nichols5 is desired to put this
on board the first Ship.
[Note numbering follows the Franklin Papers source.]

9William Strahan married, July 20, 1738, Margaret Penelope, daughter of the Rev. William Elphinston of Edinburgh and sister of James Elphinston.

1The following books have been identified: Robert Dodsley, The Preceptor (2 vols., London, 1748); Samuel Croxall, Fables of Aesop and others (London, 1722, and later edits.); Thomas Ken, A Manual of Prayers for the use of the Scholars of Winchester College (27th edit., London, 1748); Robert Ainsworth, Thesaurus linguae Latinae compendiarius (3d edit. “with additions and improvements,” London, 1751); Select Tales and Fables with Prudential Maxims and other Little Lessons of Morality in Prose and Verse (2 vols., London, 1746); Sebastian Castalio, Novum Jesu Christi Testamentum (London, 1735); Elisha Coles, A Dictionary, English-Latin and Latin-English (13th edit., London, 1736); John Clarke, Corderii Colloquiorum centuria selecta (12th edit., London, 1746); John Boyle, Earl of Orrery, trans., The Letters of Pliny the Younger (2 vols., London, 1751); [Noël A. Pluche], Spectacle de la Nature; or, Nature Display’d (2 vols., London, 1733, and later edits.); and William Brownrigg, The Art of Making Common Salt (London, 1748).

2David and Mary Hall’s daughter Mary, born Feb. 7, 1749, had died Sept. 1750; their second child Susannah was born May 11, 1750. The child Mrs. Hall was expecting was William, born Jan. 20, 1752; died 1834. Charles R. Hildeburn, “Records of Christ Church, Philadelphia. Baptisms,” PMHB, XVI (1892), 364; LX (1936), 458; Edward L. Clark, A Record of the Inscriptions on the Tablets and Grave-stones … of Christ Church (Phila., 1864), p. 55.

3Postscript and address are in BF’s hand.

4David Barclay (1682–1769), London linen draper and merchant, son of the Quaker Apologist and father of David Barclay, Jr., who appears in BF’s correspondence hereafter. Nothing more has been learned of Manley. Mrs. Middleton may have been the widow of Arthur Middleton of South Carolina, who at his death, 1737, left her much of his property in Carolina and Barbados. DAB; S.C. Hist. and Gen. Mag., I (1900), 232, 240; IV (1903), 293–4.

5Richard Nicholls, postmaster at New York. See above, II, 407 n.

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