Benjamin Franklin Papers

To Benjamin Franklin from John and Martha Read: Deed, 15 November 1751

From John and Martha Read:1 Deed

DS: American Philosophical Society; also copy: Department of Records, Recorder of Deeds, City of Philadelphia

November 15, 1751

Abstract: Sarah Read, by indenture of April 10, 1734, granted to her son John Read a messuage and lot on the south side of High Street, Philadelphia, 16½ ft. broad by 306 ft. long, bounded north by High Street, east by a messuage and lot then or lately belonging to the said Sarah Read,2 south by the ends of Chestnut Street lots, and west by a lot formerly granted to Samuel Carpenter and others in right of George Fox.3 John Read, by indenture of [date left blank], granted to Sarah Read a lifetime lease of the premises. Now, John Read, of the town of York, Pa., formerly of Philadelphia, carpenter, and Martha his wife, in consideration of £390, lawful money of Pennsylvania, hereby grant and sell this messuage and lot to Benjamin Franklin, his heirs and assigns, under the proportionable part of the quitrent due to the chief lord or lords of the fee. John Read warrants a clear title excepting only the above lease to Sarah Read, and upon its expiration Franklin may have full use and possession of the premises.4 Signed by John Read and (by her mark) Martha Read, his sealing and delivery witnessed by Mary Tonge and Paul Isaac Voto, and hers by Wm. Freeman and John Croker. Acknowledged by John Read, Nov. 20, 1751, before Benjamin Shoemaker. Recorded in the Philadelphia Office for Recording Deeds, Feb. 22, 1757, Book H, vol. 7, p. 440 &c. by C. Brockden, Recorder. On the back is John and Martha Read’s receipt for £390 in full.

1Brother and sister-in-law of Deborah Franklin.

2This is the half-lot granted by Sarah Read on the same day jointly to Benjamin and Deborah Franklin and John and Frances Croker. See above, I, 362–7. John Croker conveyed his half-interest to BF, Oct. 12, 1745. See above, III, 44.

3BF bought the largest part of this lot from Samuel Preston Moore, March 25, 1752. See below, p. 295.

4The lot hereby deeded became a part of the property upon which BF built his house in 1765.

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