Benjamin Franklin Papers

Advertisement, 1 November 1750


Printed in The Pennsylvania Gazette, November 1, 1750.

Philadelphia, November 1. 1750

Whereas on Saturday night last, the house of Benjamin Franklin, of this city, printer, was broken open, and the following things feloniously taken away, viz. a double necklace of gold beads, a woman’s long scarlet cloak, almost new, with a double cape, a woman’s gown, of printed cotton, of the sort called brocade print, very remarkable, the ground dark, with large red roses, and other large red and yellow flowers, with blue in some of the flowers, and smaller blue and white flowers, with many green leaves; a pair of woman’s stays, covered with white tabby2 before, and dove-colour’d tabby behind, with two large steel hooks, and sundry other goods. Whoever discovers the thief or thieves, either in this or any of the neighbouring provinces, so that they may be brought to justice, shall receive Ten Pounds reward; and for recovering any of the goods, a reward in proportion to their value, paid by

Benjamin Franklin

[Note numbering follows the Franklin Papers source.]

2Tabby: watered material, especially silk.

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