Benjamin Franklin Papers

From Benjamin Franklin to ———, [February 1746?].

To ———

Draft (fragment): American Philosophical Society

[February 1746?]6

has been blown off that Coast. Our Governor thinks they contain the Commissions for the Officers, and Orders to draw for the Pay of the Troops &c. and therefore directs me to forward them per Express to N. York, that they may overtake the Post. In haste I am &c.

[On back] { One Month at £45 per Ann. is 3. 15. 0
Hire of Horse 2 Trips at 25s. 2. 10.
£6: 5: 0
Paid 1. 17. 6
4: 7: 67
[Note numbering follows the Franklin Papers source.]

6This scrap is too short and the reference too general for precise dating. It could have been written in any of the years from 1745 through 1747. It is inserted here because of its possible connection with an episode of which Governor Gooch informed the Virginia House of Burgesses, Feb. 20, 1746: “Several Transports with Two Regiments bound to Cape Breton, to preserve the valuable Conquest of Louisbourg, … by bad Weather and contrary Winds, have been forced with their Convoys into this Colony.” Jour. House of Burgesses, 1742–1747, 1748–1749 (Richmond, 1909), p. 155.

7These notes may refer to wages of a post rider.

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