Benjamin Franklin Papers

Bill from Alexander Annand, [December 1743]

Bill from Alexander Annand3

AD: American Philosophical Society

Mr Benjamin Franklin to Alexr Annand Dr

To James and William Franklins Schooling4 from Decr 12th 1738 [to] Decr 1739 £6 00 0
To Wms Do from Decr 12th 1739 to Decr 1743 12 00 0
To firing £1 2s. 01 02 0
To Ovids Epistles 3s. 00 03 0
To Stirlings Cato 2s. 00 02 0
To Corderius 2s. 6d. 00 02 6
To Stirlings Rhetorick 1s. 00 01 0
To Ovids Metamorph: with Min: Notes 00 03 6
To Clarks Æsops Fables 2s. 6d.5 00 02 6
£19 16 6

Endorsed: Mr Franklins Acct 1738[?]

[Note numbering follows the Franklin Papers source.]

3Scottish schoolmaster. His purchases of books are recorded in BF’s Ledger D (see above, p. 232), and in Ledger A & B (see above, I, 172). In Pa. Gaz., Sept. 25, 1740, he advertised books for sale.

4James Franklin, Jr. (C.11.4) was BF’s nephew, for whose education and training as a printer he assumed responsibility after the death of the boy’s father James. See above, p. 261. BF’s son William (D.1) and James, Jr., were about the same age.

5“Ovids Epistles” may be either Epistolae ex Ponto or Epistolae Heroïdum. The other books listed are probably John Sterling’s edition of Catonis Disticha Moralia and his System of Rhetoric, John Clarke’s Corderii Colloquiorum Centuria Selecta and Aesop, and Ovid’s Metamorphoses with notes by Johann Minellius.

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