Benjamin Franklin Papers

Advertisement in the General Magazine, [16 February 1741]

Advertisement in the General Magazine

Printed in The General Magazine, and Historical Chronicle, for all the British Plantations in America, I (January 1741), inside cover. (Yale University Library)

After the first announcements in November, Franklin and Bradford both hurried to get their magazines into print, each promising in his paper of February 5 that his would be published “next Week.” As it fell out, Bradford’s American Magazine won the race, coming off the press on February 13. Franklin’s General Magazine followed on February 16.2 It carried an “Advertisement” from the publisher.

[February 16, 1741]


This Magazine will be published Monthly; the Paper and Page will be continued of the same Size, that so the Twelve Months may be bound in one Volume at the Year’s End, with a compleat Index or Table, which we shall add to the Month of December.

No Care shall be wanting, or Expence spared, to procure the best Materials for the Work, and make it as entertaining and useful as possible. The Character will generally be small, for the sake of comprising much in little Room, but it shall be good, and fairly printed.

[Note numbering follows the Franklin Papers source.]

2Pa. Gaz., Feb. 12, 1741. In BF’s Ledger D, p. 176 (see above, p. 232), February 16, Deborah Franklin recorded sales of copies of the “magaseen” to a number of customers, including Israel Pemberton, Governor Thomas, the Proprietor Thomas Penn (six copies), Dr. John Bard, “Willkisen Brushmaker,” Thomas Godfrey, John Jerman, “Willcox paper maker,” William Dewees, Alexander Annand, and Mrs. Margaret Penn Freame, sister of the Proprietor.

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