Benjamin Franklin Papers

[Causes of Earthquakes, 15 and 22 December 1737]

[Causes of Earthquakes]

Printed in The Pennsylvania Gazette, December 15 and 22, 1737.

An earthquake felt in the Middle Colonies on December 7, 1737, was the occasion for publishing these essays. Duane printed them (Works, IV, 380–91), as did Sparks and Bigelow, but Alfred Owen Aldridge has shown them to be almost verbatim reprints from Chambers’ Cyclopaedia; or, an Universal Dictionary of Arts and Sciences.... (London, 1728), I, 266–8.3 See above, I, 170.

[Note numbering follows the Franklin Papers source.]

3“Benjamin Franklin and Jonathan Edwards on Lightning and Earthquakes,” Isis, XLI (1950), 162–4.

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