Benjamin Franklin Papers

Acrostic from Benjamin Franklin (the Elder), 15 July 1710

Acrostic from Benjamin Franklin (the Elder)

MS Commonplace Book of Benjamin Franklin (the Elder): American Antiquarian Society

Sent To B.F. in N. E.  15 July 1710

Be to thy parents an Obedient son;

Each Day let Duty constantly be Done;

Never give Way to sloth or lust or pride

If free you’d be from Thousand Ills beside.

Above all Ills be sure Avoide the shelfe:

Mans Danger lyes in Satan, sin and selfe.

In vertue, Learning, Wisdome progress make.

Nere shrink at suffering for thy saviours sake;

Fraud and all Falshood in thy Dealings Flee;

Religious Always in thy station be;

Adore the Maker of thy Inward part:

Now’s the Accepted time, Give him thy Heart.

Keep a Good Conscience, ’tis a constant Frind;

Like Judge and Witness This Thy Acts Attend.

In Heart with bended knee Alone Adore

None but the Three in One Forevermore.

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