Adams Papers

John Quincy Adams, List of John Adams’s Wearing Apparel at the Time of his Decease, 5 September 1826

5. Septr. 1826

List of the wearing apparel of the late John Adams at the time of his decease.

1 Flannel 1 Silk and 1 plaid gown

4 pr. Flannel drawers 3 flannel shirts 2 flannel waistcoats

1 large broad cloth cloak 1 small do. silver clasp

1 Suit of Black cloth wearing apparel

1 Green Camblet Gown

1 Suit drab cloth—1 extra pair small clothes

1 do. light kerseymere clothes 1 extra pr. small clothes

1 Blue cloth surtout. 1 Blue cloth Coat

3 pr. black cloth small clothes 2 black cloth Waist coats

1 Coat and Waistcoat Brown silk, 1 Velvet, 2 woolen caps 1 bundle old clothes.

8 Cotton Shirts 5 linen do. 2 cotton Caps 3 linen do. 7 Cambric stocks

8 pr. worsted hose. 11 pr. Silk hose 2 pr. beaver gloves

1 pr. thread hose 1 pr. Cotton do 1 pr. thread gloves

3 pr. Nankin small clothes 4 White waistcoats

2 pr. linen drawers, bundle of old clothes drawers & waistcoats

1 old Green Damask gown 1 pr. of Slippers 2 pr. Shoes.

1 Gold Seal (Boyleston Arms) 1 gold stock buckle 1 pr. gold sleeve Buttons.

1 pr. Boot hooks.

The above articles were divided among the heirs of the deceased.

J. Q. Adams Exor.

Copy Attest Samuel Haven Regr

Right of land in the Township of Salem in State of Vermont.

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