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Genealogical Chart of the Quincy Family, 18 September 1823

[Quincy Family Crest]

Saer de Quincy Son of Robert, Son of Saer, was by King John. Ano, regnis) made Earle of Winchester Obijt Ano, 1219, quarto regni Henry tertij, his Bowels & heart had honourable Intermt, in the Abbey of Gerondon in Comt. Leicester Bears gules, 7 Masculs-Voided Or, 33, & Je Vide Mills’s [. . .] of Honnor, p. 914.

[Quincy Family Genealogical Chart]

[John Quincy Adams Coat of Arms]

Edmund Quincy came from England with the Revd. John Cotton, and arrived at Boston in the month of September 1633. In November following, his name, and that of his wife are mentioned on the records of the first Church—He was elected the succeeding May, one of the first representatives of the town of Boston in the first General Court of the Colony.

In 1635 the town of Boston granted lands at Mount Wollaston, to William Loddington and Edmund Quincy, who died soon after at the age of 33.

His only son Edmund Quincy was born in England in 1627. He inherited, and settled on his father’s Estate on Mount Wollaston

Edmund Quincy was married 26. 5 (July) 1648 to Joanna Hoare—(born 1625) by whom he had the following children

Mary Quinsy daughter of Edmund and Joanna born 1.4. June 1649
Daniel Son 12. September 1650
John (died 14 August 1674) 3 April 1652
Joanna 16 April 1654
Judith Married John Rainer died 3. March 1680. 25 June 1655
Elizabeth 28 Septr 1656
Edmund died 7. Jany 1658 9 July 1657
Ruth 19. Octr. 1684 Married Hunt John 27 July [1658]
Edmund died 22 Decr. 1661. 1 May 1660
Anna 10. March 1662
Experience 26. March 1665
Esther (died 13 August 1713.) 24. March 1667
Joanna wife of Edmund Quinsey died 16. May 1680. aged 55 years.
Lieutt. Coll. Edmund Quinsey and Elizabeth Gookin married 8. Decr. 1680
Edmund, Son of Edmund and Elizabeth Quinsey. born 24. Octr. 1681.
John 15. April 1683
Mary. 7. Decr 1684
Elizabeth (Gookin) Quinsy died 30. Novr. 1700.
Edmund Quinsey (2d) died 7 Jany. 1698

Judith Quinsey, daughter of the first Edmund Quinsey, born in England in 1626 was the wife of John Hull, died 22. June 1695.

Daniel Quinsey on Thursday 9. Novr 1682 married Anna Shepherd, daughter of Thomas Shepherd Minister of Charlestown, and of Anna, Daughter of William King.

Daniel and Anna Quinsey had two children

Ann. (married John Holman 18. Jany 1705. died 8. Octr. 1817.) born 1. June 1685

John Quincy. born 21 July. baptized at the old South Church Boston 28 July 1689.

Daniel Quincy’s widow in 1700 married Revd Moses Fiske and died 24. July 1708. Her Husband Fisk died 10. August 1708

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