Adams Papers

To John Adams from Ward Nicholas Boylston, 29 July 1822

Mount Badinage 29th. July 1822

My Dear Cousin

How unfortunate I am, that I was not ealier informed of your magnificent intentions with respect to your establishment at Quincy—my Hundred Thousands would be some help to be sure, but a small one in comparison with the extended [. . .] of the many that are to be blessed with it—

But what will you say to me, when you hear of my building a large stone edifice on the summit of Wachusetts—for the reception <and> contemplation and cure of those who are afflicted with short memories & slanderous tongues—and that I have thought of appointing Mr. Jonathan Russell first president of the [. . .], with a right to all the Blueberries that grow on the mountain, the previledge of Catching all the Skunks, & Woodchucks, & Hunting all the Foxes & hares that inhabit it—and when the President or other members of this establishment becomes unfit by age, or incorrigible <[. . .]> in Disposition to remain there—. <The> They will be provided with a place of retirement for Life on the Bald Rocks of Mount Desert, (where)

“With vast amazement they’ll survey,

The wonders of the Deep,

Where Mackerell swim, and porpoise play

And crabs, & Lobsters, Creep:—[]

What do you think my Dear Cousin of the scheme, is it not humane that those who have forfeited all confidence in society should be able to reach as far as they can the highest earthly situation <[. . .]> in this state & may by a Contemplation of the Heavenly Bodies, be stimulated to a due preparation for the future glories beyond them—

Your wisdom and long life of experience may suggest to your Dutifull Son, the improvemts that you think may be necessary, which will be strictly & promptly obeyd by your affectionate

Badinage Junior

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