Adams Papers

From Abigail Smith Adams to Abigail Amelia Adams Smith, 1809

March 5th.

To Mrs. Smith.

Yesterday your father received a letter from William. We rejoice to learn that you are well; and I have the pleasure to inform that we are all getting better, and that I intend to dine below to-day. I congratulate you that the embargo is like to be raised. I hope the non-intercourse bill will be lost; and the merchantmen send out frigates to convoy the trade, molest no one, and defend themselves as neutrals against all agressors; pay no tribute; take no licenses; claim the right to navigate the ocean freely; do no wrong; receive no insult that can be avoided; repeal all embargoes, non-intercourse, &c.; calm the just fears and apprehensions of the people; disarm party-spirit if possible. That I fear is the hardest labour of all, whilst pride, envy, and ambition, are the predominant passions of man. Now you have my system of politics.

A. A.

Printed Source--Journal and correspondence of Miss Adams. Edited by Caroline A. S. De Windt (New York, 1841-1842)..

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