Adams Papers

From John Adams to Thomas Jefferson, 20 August 1821

Montezillo August 20 1821

Dear Sir

There are on the Journals of Congress some early resolutions for establishing a Nursery for the Education of young men in military Science discipline and tactics; but paper money was so scarce that they never could afford to carry them into execution. When the idea was revived I do not remember; but it has been cherished under Jefferson Madison and Monroe and is now brought to a considerable degree of perfection. The late Visits of the Cadets to several States seem to have made the institution popular.

Would not a similar establishment for the education of naval Officers be equally Usefull. The public Opinion of the nation Seems now to be favourable to a Navy as the cheapest and Safest Arm for our national defence. Is not this a favourable moment for proposing a Naval Accademy?

Floyd is gone! You and Jay, and Carrol are all who remain. We shall all be asterised very soon. Sic Transit Gloriola (Is there such a Latin word?) mundi.

John Adams

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