Adams Papers

To John Adams from Elkanah Watson, 7 July 1820

Geneva—State of New York. 7th. July 1820

My dear Sir

On my return to this pleasant Village from a peregrination in the West, I rec’d Your favor of the 22d June—

The ground my friends have assumed as to my projecting—& in co’operation with Genl. Schuyler—my efficient & successful efforts in establishing the Canal policy in this State, & vigorously prosecuting the incipient [Step] which has led to their present gigantic State—has call’d forth <all> the vengance, & malignant <of> attacks of de Witt Clinton—& the Dutch jealousies of the Albanians. In consequence I find myself assailed, in the most outrageous manner in the Albany papers.

Previous to my leaving that City 4 or 5 weeks ago, I had directed the book seller to give orders, to the one in Boston to whom he transmitted 20 or 30—to deliver One to You & One to judge Davis. Posibly they May Not have Yet arrived as they were going by Water. I reciprocate with great pleasure the pleasant & (to Me)—the profitable hours, I have Spent in your Society in Various parts of Europe & America. I hope we shall meet again once more ee’r we wing our flight to the regions of repose. I hope you will pardon my liberty in introducing some extracts from Your letters to Me while residing in Pittsfield & [Linee]. They became necessary, in my historical Sketch of Agricultural Societies.

The Canal part of the work I think will deeply Interest You, & unfold Several Interesting facts probably New to You.

If not too much trouble, (having recieved Letters from each of the other Presidents of the U. States Now in being) I Shall be highly gratified to recieve & to file your Letter expressio[n] of Your opinion of that Work.

I am with undeviating Respect / & Affection. Your H. St.

E Watson

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