Adams Papers

To John Adams from Arnold Welles, 16 March 1818

March 16th. 1818.—


In behalf of a numerous body of Citizens of Boston, we request your consent, to set for a Bust, in Marble, to be executed by an eminent Artist, now resident in that Town, to be placed in Faneuil Hall.—

In soliciting your assent, to this tribute of our high Respect & Veneration, we are particularly influenced, by a desire of transmitting to our Children, the Features of the Man, whose patriotic energies, were so strenuously exerted; for the Independence of our common Country:—and that future Ages, while contemplating the object, may recall the Virtues Talents & Courage, of one of the Founders of the American Republic.—

Arnold Welles

H. Dearborn

Wm: Tudor.

Wm. Spooner

Josiah Quincy

MHi: Adams Papers, Fourth Generation.

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