Adams Papers

From John Adams to James Mease, 24 August 1816

Quincy August 24th 1816

Dear Sir

A letter of the 8th of August from Dr Mease has revived many recollections of conversations at Bush Hill, and at the Corner of Arch Street and Fourth Street.

Though I know not how you could have conceived a project more victorious or more patriotic, than the publication of Dr: Rushes Letters: Yet I shudder at the thought. A complete collection of Dr: Rushes letters never will be published, or if they should, they would excite as much surprise and as much learned controversy and more factious Fury, than if a collection of Hypocrates had been dug out of the Ruins of Herculaneium.

I would not exchange one of his letters to me for its weight in Gold. If therefore I send <you> one of them to you, it must be after the pledge of Honour of a Gentleman, that you will return it to me

But this is not all. You must send me the written consent of that excellent Lady the Relict of Dr. Rush; which I know will not be given without the advice of her children.

Upon these conditions I will send to you or to Madam Rush such Letters as I can collect. But even this will be a work of research; and will be no adequate representation of the many Tete a Tete conversations between us.

With affectionate Regards to the Family and to yourself, I am an / old Friend

John Adams

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