Adams Papers

From John Adams to Andrews Norton, 31 May 1814

Quincy May 31. 1814

Dear Sir

I thank you, and Mr Vanderkemp, for giving me, an Opportunity of reading, his “historical Sketches of Calvin and Servetus.[] Though I am aware of the Objections against the publication of this Work; I rejoice that it belongs to The University. The Candour, moderation and impartiality So conspicuous in it, will be a model to others; while it will preserve in This Country the Knowledge of the Sources from which the Information is derived.

I cannot take upon me to name a Character, acknowledged to be merely human, to whom the human race have been more indebted, than to Calvin.

I would Send a Courier to Cambridge to return, this valuable Manuscript, if I had not determined to practice an Artifice upon you. I hope to keep it, till I can compell you to call Upon me. Your Name, your blood, but above all your Eminence in Litterature; make me ambitious of an Acquaintance.

I am, Sir, with esteem respect and I will add, Affection / your obliged Servant

John Adams.


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