Adams Papers

To John Adams from William Turner, 3 March 1813

Boston March 3d 1813


this Ans is a true statement of my prosidins under the Volinteer acts of Congress of the 6th of February and the 6th of July 1812 [Outhersing] the President to accept sending Volinteer militarey corps, <and> I have cept a randevous from january 5th untill this day, for the purpos of raising the Seckond Companey of volinteers in Boston. as I am belated On account of the voluntier law not bein in a fect now I have Bin disapointed and the men who listed to my roll on account Of our not being abel to form a Companey as we expected. To obtain a companey as we expected I must be Commissiond And then the men enlist<ed> to a new role as one of the Companeys in the 20 rigiments which is to be raied

The a buv is a true statement of Mr. Turners prosedings


James Bryant

Capt. of the Boston Volunters

Sir as the a buv statement is unfortinate for us. I have Bin a bledged to draw up a request for a commishion, and Request of my acquaintances a reckemmandation as the within Closd paper-states. Sir after vuing my situation and The men who hes listed to our roll. if you will giv me A litell of your assistance as far as your honor sees Fit, I shall endevor to devote my time for the good of My Cuntrey. and alsow giv you my sinceer wishies for Your health the remainder of your days and my Thanks—

I am with great respect, your humbel Srvt.

Wm: Turner

Genl. Boyd hes not returned from Philidelphia or I would have seen him

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