Adams Papers

To John Adams from Pseudonym: "A.B.", May 1812

Boston May—1812—

Venerable Sir,

Having allways since I had Ideas of my own been a warm admirer of your virtues and talents as a statesmen and a Christain having heard with deep regret that you now advocate the present men and measures—which the present majority are now pursuing—I am struck with amasement—that their motives are pure is a thing I wish not to doubt—but if they persist in the present ruinous measures we are ruin’d—If you will read—the leading Demorcatick or rather anti Republican papers in: New-York, Philadelphia & Baltimore you will perceive that the party who opposed your administration are divided into a hundred parts each—denoun[c]ing the other—I send you a peice taken from the Democratic Press—(which you may not have seen) denoun[c]ing Mr Giles—Senater from Virginia—We see in Kentucky Mr Pope denouncd—In the Virginia Assembly Mr Giles and Brent—We see the Madisonians denoun[c]ing the Clintonians and “Vice Versa” In fact we see mutual jealousies a bickering among the whole of these falsely stild—Republicans—when or how it will end God only knows,—your friend


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