Adams Papers

From John Adams to United States Senate, 4 February 1801

United States, February 4. 1801

Gentlemen of the Senate

I nominate the Gentlemen in the following List to fill the Offices to which they are designated in it—


Alexander Macomb, junr: New York— Second Lieutenant

First Regiment of Artillerists & Engineers.

Cadet Jared Brooks Lieutenant
Robert Gray Pennsylvania Ditto
Cadet Lewis Landais Ditto
Cadet William Murray Ditto
Cadet Joseph Cross Ditto
Peter Lampkin Virginia Ditto
John B. Barnes Maryland Ditto
Addison B. Armistead Virginia Ditto
George Armistead Ditto Ditto
Charles Hunt Massachusetts Ditto
Enos Noland Maryland Ditto
Clarence Mulford New–Jersey Ditto
John F. Powell Virginia Ditto
Hezekiah W. Bissell Connecticut Ditto
Kilian P. Van Rensselaer New York Ditto
Henry Tillery New Hampshire Ditto
Enoch Humphrey Connecticut Ditto

Second Regiment of Artillerists & Engineers.

Jonathan Williams Pennsylvania Major
John Lillie Massachusetts Captain.
Lloyd Beall Maryland Ditto.
Josiah Dunham New Hampshire Ditto.
Thomas Brindley Rhode–Island Lieutenant
William Wilson Maryland Ditto
John Walbach Ditto
Cadet James Wilson Ditto
Lewis Howard New–Jersey Ditto
Augustus Hunt Massachusetts Ditto
Cadet Pearson Titcomb Ditto
Cadet John Grange Ditto
Cadet Samuel Seaton Ditto
Waters Clark Connecticut Ditto
William Cocks New York Ditto
John Heiskell Virginia Ditto
George Peter Maryland Ditto
Nathan Parks Massachusetts Ditto
Jesse Lull Vermont Ditto
Augustus Strong Connecticut Ditto
Samuel Welch Massachusetts Ditto

First Regiment of Infantry

George W. Kirkland New York First Lieutenant
James Ashman Pennsylvania Ditto
Ninian Pinkney Maryland Ditto
William Swan Massachusetts Ditto
Sylvester G. Whipple New Hampshire Ditto
Thomas W: Williams Massachusetts Second Lieutenant
Benjamin Wallace Pennsylvania Ditto
William Carson Ditto Ditto

First Regiment of Infantry Continued

Horatio Stark Virginia Second Lieutenant
Simon Owens Ditto Ditto
Joseph C. Cooper New–York Ditto
Robert G. Barde South–Carolina Ditto
Benjamin Wilkinson Maryland Ditto
Ambrose Whitlock North Western Territory Ditto
Bartholomew D. Armistead Virginia Ditto

Second Regiment of Infantry.

John Brahan Virginia Second Lieutenant
William Elliott Maryland Ditto
Daniel Hughes Ditto Ditto
Robert Bell Virginia Ditto
Uriah Blue Ditto Ditto
John Duer New York Ditto
John Hinson Mississippi Territory Ditto
Joseph Miller Pennsylvania Ditto
Cadet William H. Wooldridge Ditto

Third Regiment of Infantry

Samuel Erwine Pennsylvania First Lieutenant
William Potter New Jersey Ditto
Elhanan W Wheeler New York Ditto
Samuel B. Magaw Pennsylvania Ditto
Philip S. Schuyler New York Ditto
John Williams Virginia Second Lieutenant
Alexander Cooper Maryland Ditto
Thomas Lee Pennsylvania Ditto
Daniel Baker Vermont Ditto
Henry Brevoort Ditto
John Hylton Maryland Ditto

Third Regiment of Infantry, Continued

Henry R. Graham Second Lieutenant
Richard Skinner Ditto
James Smith Junr. Pennsylvania Ditto
John W. Brownson Vermont Ditto

Fourth Regiment of Infantry.

William Gardner Massachusetts Second Lieutenant.
Benjamin Nowland Maryland Ditto
James Cunningham Massachusetts Ditto
Gassaway W. Harwood Maryland Ditto
Wilkinson Jones Ditto Ditto
Edmund P. Gaines Tennessee Ditto
Henry Hopkins Maryland Ditto
James Wilkinson Jr. Ditto Ditto
Richard Buck Pennsylvania Ditto.

John Adams

DNA: RG 46—Records of the U.S. Senate.

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