Adams Papers

Memorandum Regarding Appropriations for Presidential Household, 1800

By the President of the United States.

In pursuance to the act of Congress passed on the second day of March 1797, entitled “an Act making provision for the further accomodation of the Household of the President of the U States I have recd. the following sums by Warrants of the Secy of the Treasy.

1797 March 8th. Warrant for Dolls 2000
27—  do 2000
Apl. 20  do 4000
July 20   do 2,300
1798 Jany 15  do 1,000
1799 Feby. 26  do 2,700
Dolls. 14,000

Making in the whole the sum of Fourteen thousand Dollars, appropriated by the Act above recited, which sum has been appropriated in the manner thereby authorized, for the accommodation of the Household of the Prest. of the U States.

Given under my hand this  day of Decr. 1800—

Signed by,

John Adams.

CtHi: Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Papers.

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