Adams Papers

From John Adams to United States Senate, 11 December 1800

Washington December 11. 1800

Gentlemen of the Senate

I nominate, for confirmation, the following Gentlemen, who have been provisionally appointed, during the recess of the Senate in 1800—

William Bainbridge, of Pennsa}

Hugh G. Campbell, of S. Carolina} Promoted from Masters Commandants,

To be Captains in the Navy.

Benjamin Hillar of Massachusetts—Promoted from Lieutenant,

To be a Master Commandant.

John S K Cox, of Massachusetts, promoted from Midshipman,

James Campbell, of N York,

James Smith, of South Carolina

John Galven, of Pennsa, promoted from Sailing Master

John M. Clagett}

Philemon C Wederstrandt} of Maryland}

Joshua Blake, of Massachusetts} Promoted from Midshipmen,

Seymour Potter, of Massachusetts,

Edward Brock, of Pennsa, Promoted from Sailing Master

Redman McClannan of Massachusetts,

Joseph Tarbell, of Massachusetts, Promoted from Midshipman

William Crispin, of Pennsa. Promoted from Sailing Master

James R Caldwell, of Pennsa.}

William Davis, of Maryland} Promoted from Midshipmen,

To be Lieutenants in the Navy

Benjamin Shurtleff, of Massachusetts, Promoted from Surgeon’s Mate

Joseph Anthony, of South Carolina,

William Turner, of Virga. Promoted from Surgeon’s Mate,

Samuel Anderson, of Pennsa. Promoted from Surgeons Mate

James Dodge of New York Promoted from Surgeon’s Mate

John Goddard, of Massachusetts

William Turner, of Rhode Island

W. W. Buchanan, of New York, &

Charles Webb, of Virga. promoted from Surgeon’s Mate,

To be Surgeons in the Navy

Francis le Barron, of Massachusetts

William Turk. of Pennsa.

Gersham R Jacques of Ditto

Thomas Starke of Virginia

Hugh Ailken, of Maryland

Danl McCormick jr. of N York

Thomas H M Fendall, of Maryland,

James Harvey Bradford, of Massachusetts

John Philip Fisher of New York

Charles T Thornton of Virga. &

Saml Edward Willett of New York,

To be Surgeon’s Mates in the Navy

John Adams

DNA: RG 46—Records of the U.S. Senate.

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