Adams Papers

To John Adams from Richard Blue, 7 October 1800

Fort Jay Octor.7th: 1800


We whose names are hereunto amend, of Capt. Bishops Company the second Regiment of Artirilists and Engineers, can but express to you Sir, that notwithstanding what may be the decision of a Court Martial held at Philadelphia on the conduct of our Capt. respecting his treatment to his Men, we freely and candidly acknowledge that partiallity we bare to him and hope that he may yet be continued to Command us. You Sir are the only one that we can appeal too who have it in your power to put your Negative or Affirmative to the proceedings of the Court, we most sincerely hope for the former. We are truly sensible of the Honours and Dignity you possess, and hope that we may be gratified in our request.

We must acknowledge which Sums of Money the Capt. has paid for us was at our request, and the trifling Sums which he fell in our Debt, we were willing to wait untill the next payment, Knowing the Capt. was accountable to Sundrie Citizens for more Money than he had received as our pay.

Much pains has been taken to carry into effect the Charges exhibited against the Capt. this has been done by some of the Superiors at this Post amongst the Soldiers of the Company—In condecending to indulge us with an Answer, will be ever acknowledged by those who are at all times ready and Willing to faithfully serve our Country.

Non Commissioned Officers

Richard Blue Sergt.

Robert Peyton Sergt.

Wm Wyatt Sergt.

Corpl Jackson

Corpl Shirley

Corporal White

Butler Kelly Musician

Charles Hulett Do.

Thos: Hall Do.


Samuel King

Zack Weeks

William Smith

Joseph Miller

Daniel Daugherty

Ezekial Blue

Jacob Miller

Christ. Miller

Baltzer Hess

Daniel Bloyes

Jehu Fraizer

John Smith

James Edmonds

John Lott

[Daniel Goling]

Jacob Custard

Jacob Parcels

Zephaniah Miller

W. Yeates

James Megin

G C Briscoe

James Killen

Wm Stevenson

Peter Williams

Batson Land

Wm: Croney

P. Applegate

B Coppage

Arasmus Knott

Georg Nolen

E Stilwell

James Robinson

Jesse Hill

Peter Rice

John Custard

Vincent Jones

Brooke Bloise

Charles Smith

Wm: Cason

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