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From John Adams to United States Senate, 1 April 1800

April 1. 1800

Message of the President with Military Nominations

Benjamin Easely Georgia Captain
Benjamin F. Trapier South Carolina ditto
Noah Kelsey Georgia. ditto
Zachariah Nettles South Carolina ditto
John Mitchell ditto ditto
John Brown ditto First Lieutenant
Charles Boyle ditto ditto
William Taylor Junr. ditto ditto
Josias Heyward ditto ditto
Peter Williamson Georgia ditto
Stanmore Butler South Carolina ditto
George Clayton Georgia ditto
William W Trapier South Carolina ditto
Thomas Osborne Junr ditto Second Lieutenant
Charles Codnor Ash ditto ditto
Johnson Wellborn Georgia ditto
William Darkey ditto ditto
Francis Rogers South Carolina ditto
Charles Jones Jenkins ditto ditto

Sixth Regiment of Infantry.
James Read North Carolina Lieutenant Colonel Commandant
Alexander Duncan Moore ditto Major.
William Brickell ditto ditto
James Taylor ditto Captain
William Dickson ditto ditto
Eli Gaither ditto ditto
Edmund Smithwick ditto ditto
William Hall ditto ditto
John Williams ditto ditto
John Nicholas ditto ditto
Samuel G. Barron ditto ditto
Maurice Moore ditto ditto
James Mackey ditto First Lieutenant
McKinney Long ditto ditto
Benjamin Smith ditto ditto
Carleton Walker ditto ditto
Edward Jones ditto ditto
David T. W. Cook ditto Second Lieutenant
Marcus Sharpe ditto ditto
James Morris North Carolina Second Lieutenant
John Wilkinson ditto ditto
John Carroway ditto ditto
Abner Pasteur ditto ditto
Benjamin Forsyth ditto ditto
Hugh Montgomery ditto ditto
Alexander Hunter ditto ditto
Roger Cutler ditto Surgeon.

Seventh Regiment of Infantry.
William H. Blue Virginia Captain vice Turner declined
2d Lieut. John Heiskell  " First Lieutenant vice Carrington declined
 " Jesse Dold  " ditto vice Morgan Paymaster
 " Horatio Stark  " ditto vice Heiskell Adjutant
 " Marquis Combs  " ditto vice Stark Quarter Master
George Armistead  " ditto vice Godwin resigned
William Saunders  " Second Lieutenant vice Heiskell promoted
Bartlett Anderson  " ditto vice Dold promoted
Francis W. Cook.  " ditto vice Stark promoted
Philip Roots  " ditto vice Combs promoted
John F. Powell  " ditto vice Deane declined
Jacob Call  " ditto vice Armistead promoted.
Francis H. Peyton  " Surgeon
Thaddeus Capron  " Surgeons Mate.
James W. Wallace  " ditto

Eighth Regiment of Infantry.
Laurence Butler Virginia Major vice Morgan declined
2d. Lieut. James Tutt  " First Lieutenant vice Bent Paymaster
 " Simon Owens  " ditto vice Tate Adjutant
John Meredith  " Second Lieutenant vice Settle declined
John Stephens  " ditto vice Wills declined
Robert Bell  " ditto vice Tutt promoted
Uriah Blue  " ditto vice Owens ditto
Richard Taylor  " ditto vice Williams declined
Robert Little  " ditto vice Humphries Quarter Master
Edward Conrad  " Surgeon
Samuel M Griffith  " Surgeons Mate

Ninth Regiment of Infantry.
Richard Earle Maryland Captain vice Nicholson declined
John Thompson  " First Lieutenant vice Howard declined
Robert Gover  " ditto vice Pinckney Paymaster
George Peter  " Second Lieutenant vice Hughes Adjutant
Joseph Bentley  " ditto vice Ford declined
Benjamin Nowland  " ditto vice Cooper Quarter Master
Robert Geddes   " Surgeon
Dardan Brown  " Surgeons Mate
Charles A Beatty  " ditto.

Tenth Regiment of Infantry.
Robert Westcott Pennsylvania Captain vice Atlee declined
Alexander McNair  " First Lieutenant vice Nelson declined
David Irwing  " ditto vice Westcott declined
Paul Weitzell  " ditto vice Sharp Paymaster
David Offley  " ditto vice Irwing Adjutant
Samuel R. Franklin  " ditto vice Offley Quarter Master
2d. Lieut. William Morrow  " ditto vice Franklin Paymaster
John Hay   " Second Lieutenant vice Porter declined
Robert George Barde  " ditto vice Witner declined
Joseph Knox  " ditto vice Morrow promoted
William Hurst  " Surgeon
George Wilson  " Surgeons Mate
James Irwine  " ditto

Eleventh Regiment of Infantry.
1 Lieutt. Samuel Erwin Pennsylvania Captain vice Hunt resigned
John Caldwell Delaware First Lieutenant vice Ogden Quart. Mastr
Charles B Green New Jersey ditto vice McWhorter Paymaster
William J. Anderson  " ditto vice Potter Adjutant
2d. Lieut. Thomas Bullman  " ditto vice Reading resigned
 " Henry Drake  " ditto vice Erwin promoted.
Thomas Y. How  " Second Lieutenant vice Bullman promoted
Joseph Vancleve  " ditto vice Read resigned
Laurence Mulford  " ditto vice Drake promoted
John Chetwood  " Surgeon
John Howell  " Surgeons Mate
John C. Wynans  "  "

Twelfth Regiment of Infantry.
Captain Dowe J. Fondy New York Major vice Hutton declined
2d. Lieut. William Cocks  " First Lieutenant vice Paulding declined
 " William Cumming  " ditto vice Smith Paymaster
 " Joseph C. Cooper  " ditto vice Jones declined
 " Thomas H. Williams  " ditto vice Cocks Adjutant
Israel Loring  " Second Lieutenant vice Cocks promoted
Joseph Herkeimer  " ditto vice Harrison declined
Jacob Mancius  " ditto vice Cumming promoted
Nathaniel Smith  " ditto vice Cooper ditto
Cornelius Kip  " ditto vice Hoffman promoted
Tobias V. Cuyler  " ditto vice Williams promoted
Walter B. Vrooman  " ditto vice Brown deceased
John H. Douglas  " Surgeons Mate
Samuel Davis  " ditto

Thirteenth Regiment of Infantry
Nathaniel Ruggles Connecticut First Lieutenant vice Mosely Paymaster
John Beers  " ditto vice Clark Adjutant
Nathaniel Noyes  " Second Lieutenant vice Wells declined
Fanning Tracey  " ditto vice Learned declined
Joseph Trowbridge  " Surgeon
Timothy Pierce  " Surgeons Mate
John Orton Junr  " ditto

Fourteenth Regiment of Infantry
Samuel Mackay Massachusetts Captain vice Pierce declined
John Hastings  " ditto vice Lithgow ditto
Henry Sargent  " First Lieutenant vice Beale declined
Francis Barker  " ditto vice Soley declined
William Gardner  " ditto vice Ashman declined
Rufus Child  " ditto vice Duncan Paymaster
Peyton Gay  " Second Lieutent. vice Bates declined
Thomas Hale  " ditto vice Ingraham resigned
Charles Blake  " Surgeon

Fifteenth Regiment of Infantry
Eli Forbes Massachusetts Captain vice Philips declined
Thomas Stevens  " First Lieutt: vice Swan Paymaster
Augustus Hunt  " ditto vice Cutler Quarter Mr.
Nathan Parks  " Second Lieut. vice Hall declined.
Oliver Mann  " Surgeon
Jonathan White  " Surgeons Mate
Ebenezer Laurence  " ditto

Sixteenth Regiment of Infantry.
Rufus Graves New Hampshire Lieut Col. Commandant
Cornelius Lynde Vermont Major
Israel W Kelly New Hampshire First Lieutt. vice Gardner declined
Thaddeus Kendall  " ditto vice Hutchins ditto
Marmaduke Wait Vermont ditto vice Whitney ditto
Benjamin F Starke New Hampshire Second Lieut. vice Green ditto

John Adams

DNA: RG 46—Records of the U.S. Senate.

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