Adams Papers

From John Adams to United States Senate, 8 January 1800

United States January 8 1800

Gentlemen of the Senate

I nominate the following Gentlemen to be officers in the Navy

George Little of Massachusetts to be a Captain in the Navy

John Rodgers of Maryland to be a Captain in the Navy

Edward Prebble of Massachusetts to be a Captain in the Navy

John Mullowny of Pennsylvania to be a Captain in the Navy

James Barron of Virginia to be a Captain in the Navy

Thomas Baker of Pennsylvania to be a Captain in the Navy

Henry Geddes of Delawarr to be a Captain in the Navy

Thomas Robinson of New York to be a Captain in the Navy

the following Gentlemen to be confirmed Masters Commandants in the Navy:

William Bainbridge of New York

Cyrus Talbott of Massachusetts

David Jewett of Connecticut

Hugh George Campbell of Georgia

Timothy Newman of Massachusetts

William Cowper of Virginia

Charles Russell of Massachusetts

the following Gentlemen to be Lieutenants in the Navy

Jeremiah Barton of Virginia

David Phipps of Rhode Island

Isaac Chauncey of New York

Benjamin Hillar of Massachusetts

Samuel Heyward of South Carolina

John Davidson of Massachusetts

Robert Haswell of Massachusetts

John Rush of Pennsylvania

George Blair of North Carolina

Samuel Parker of Massachusetts

Andrew McCombe of Connecticut

William Wildes of Massachusetts

John May of Connecticut

Nathaniel Clift of Massachusetts

Cornelius ODriscoll of South Carolina

Edward Meade of Pennsa.

Treborn Banning of Maryland

Richard Somers of New Jersey

Stephen Decatur jr. of Pennsa.

Mack Fernald of New Hampshire

Joseph Saunders of Massachusetts

William Peterken of Maryland

John H. Jones of Pennsa.

John Carson of Pennsa.

Joseph Ingraham of Massachusetts

Isaac Collins of Massachusetts

George Cox of Maryland

Henry Jackson Knox of Massachusetts

Edward Boss of Massachusetts

James Pyott Watson of New York

Robert Wells of Maryland

Samuel Brooks of Maryland

John H Dent of Maryland

Thomas Robinson jr. of Pennsa.

Miles King of Virginia

John Latimer of Pennsa.

John Cowper of Virginia

William Maley of Massachusetts

Abraham Ludlow of New York

William C Jenks of Maryland

Asa Sapham of Massachusetts

David Porter of Maryland

Benjn. F Knapp of Rhode Island

Robert Harrison of Maryland

William Penrose of Pennsa.

Charles Jewett of Connecticut

Edward Griswold of Connecticut

Samuel McCutchon of Pennsa.

Robert Mercer of Pennsa.

Joseph E Collins of Western Territory

Richard Clark of Western Territory

James Murdock of Pennsa.

Thomas Davis of Pennsa.

Samuel Evans of Pennsa.

John Love of Pennsa.

Nathaniel Bosworth of Massachusetts

George Gardiner Lee of Massachusetts

The Following Gentlemen to be Surgeons in the Navy

Peter St Medard of Massachusetts

James Wells of Connecticut

Anderson Warfield of Maryland

Benjamin Vintoll of Massachusetts

William Graham of Maryland

Asa Sargent of Massachusetts

Edward Cutbush of Pennsa.

Isaac Henry of Maryland

John Bullus of Pennsa.

George Davis of New York

Henry Wells of Maryland

Hanson Catlett of Maryland

Amos Windship of Massachusetts

Thomas Jones Winder of Maryland

Richard C Shannon of New Hampshire

John Park of Massachusetts

Thomas Triplett of Virginia

John R Nicholson of Maryland

Robert Harris of Maryland

Daniel Hughes of Pennsa.

The following Gentlemen to be Surgeons Mates in the Navy—

Nathan Tisdale of Connecticut

William Frost of New Hampshire

William Parsons of Massachusetts

Samuel Anderson of Pennsa.

John Murdaugh of Virginia

Tobias Watkins of Maryland

Jonas Fay of Massachusetts

Thomas Lynch Dart of South Carolina

Edward Field of

James McAlpine of Georgia

Morris W Polk of Maryland

James Dodge of New York

Oliver Dunbar of Massachusetts

James Boyd junior of Pennsa.

John Churchill Strong of Connecticut

John A. Casey of Maryland

John Adams

DNA: RG 46—Records of the U.S. Senate.

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