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From John Adams to United States Senate, 1 March 1799

March 1. 1799

Gentlemen of the Senate

I nominate the following Gentlemen to be Officers in the Army

First Regiment of Infantry—
Lieutt. Jacob Kreemer Captain vice Harrison resigned... 1. June 1798.
do. Daniel Bissell ditto vice Gaines... ditto... 1. January 1799.
do. Charles Hyde ditto in pursuance of the Act of 16 July 1798.
do. John Michael ditto ditto
Ensign Robert Torrans Lieutenant. vice Kreemer promoted... 1. June. 1798
do. Yelverton Peyton ditto vice Bissell ditto... 1. January 1799
do. John W Thompson ditto vice Hyde ditto
do. Merriwether Lewis ditto vice Michael ditto
do. John Alexander Davidson ditto in pursuance of Act of 26. July 1798.
do. George Stall ditto ditto.
Philemon Charles Blake. Maryland Ensign
Moses Hook Massachusetts ditto.
Joseph Hawley Dwight ditto ditto
Joshua S. Rogers Rhode Island ditto
Ranna Cosset Vermont ditto.
Andrew Van Wort New York ditto.
Thomas Jno. Lawrence New Jersey ditto
Peter Robinson Delaware ditto
Eli. B Clemson Pennsylvania ditto
Second Regiment of Infantry
Lieut. Peter Shoemaker Captain in pursuance of the Act of 16. July 1798
do. Jesse Lukens ditto ditto—
Ensign James Richmond Lieutenant vice Martin resigned June 1798.
do. David Thompson ditto vice Shoemaker promoted
do. John M[c]Clarey ditto vice Lukens ditto
do. Samuel Allison ditto in pursuance of the Act of 16. July 1798
do. George Callender ditto ditto
Zebulon M. Pike New Jersey Ensign
Nathan Heald Massachusetts Ensign
William Laidlie New York ditto
John Wilson Pennsylvania ditto.
James Dill ditto ditto.
Peter Shiras ditto ditto
Thomas Porter ditto ditto
Benjamin Bullet ditto ditto
Seymour Rannix Virginia ditto
Third Regiment of Infantry.
Lieut. John Bowyer Captain vice Thomas Lewis resigned 14 Januy. 1799
do. Aaron Gregg ditto in pursuance of the Act of the 16 July 1798.
do. John Steele ditto ditto—
Ensign David Fero Lieutenant vice Shanklin resigned 3 October 1798
do. George Strother ditto vice Bowsyer promoted 14. January 1799.
do. William Scott ditto vice Gregg promoted
do. William R Boote ditto vice Steele ditto—
do. Jacob Wilson ditto in pursuance of Act of 16. July 1798
do. Peter P. Schuyler of the 2d ditto ditto
Samuel Lane Maryland Ensign.
Jonathan Freeman. N Hampshire ditto
Patrick McCarty Virginia ditto
Matthew Arbuckle ditto ditto
John Horton Georgia ditto
John Saxon South Carolina ditto
William Taylor ditto ditto
James Ryan North Carolina ditto
Fourth Regiment of Infantry
Lieutenant. Peter Grayson Captain vice Preston resigned— 31. July. 1798.
do. Jonathan Taylor ditto in pursuance of Act of 16 July 1798
do. Robert Purdy ditto ditto.—
Ensign Richard Chandler Lieutenant vice Grayson promoted 31. July 1798.
ditto George Salmon ditto vice Taylor promoted
ditto John Campbell ditto vice Purdy ditto
ditto James Bomer ditto in pursuance of the Act of 16. July 1798
ditto John Haines ditto ditto
Samuel McGuire Virginia Ensign
Thomas Blackburn ditto ditto
Daniel Newnan North Carolina ditto
James Love ditto ditto
Thomas Eastland Kentucky ditto
James Desha Tennessee ditto.

John Adams

DNA: RG 46—Records of the U.S. Senate.

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