Adams Papers

To John Adams from Thomas Foreman, November 1798

The Address of the Subscribers inhabitants of the County of Mason in the Commonwealth of Kentucky;—
To the President of the United States—

[ca. November 1798]


We have seen with the anxiety, which is inseperable from the love of our Country; the situation in which the United States are placed by the aggression <of> committed by the French Nation, on our commerce, our Rights, and our National Sovereignty.—While the prospect of peace was in practicable view, we looked anxiously toward that event; but expected peace upon equitable & honorable terms, we fondly hoped, that the constituted powers of France, would meet our Envoys on just & liberal terms, offered by them agreeably to their instructions.—But altho’ all proper advances have been made, by our Eexecutive, those reasonable expectations have been baffled—How it becomes us now as citizens of an independant nation, to act in this crisis there is no question—as freemen & Americans, we do not hesitate we will rally round the standard of our country; we will support the constituted authorities of that country—an isidious enemy shall in vain attempt to divide us from the Government, of the United States.

To the support of that government against any foreign enemy, we pledge our lives, our fortune, and our Sacred honor

Thomas Foreman

Edward Harris

John Johnston

Thomas Warren

Edward Harris Jnr.

George Wood

Ezekiel Foreman

Lewis Moore

Thos. Compton

Thos. Marshall Jnr

Alexander K. Marshall

Joseph Foreman

James Stevenson

William Byram

Lewis Bullock

Robert Rall

James Barkley

Jos Wouipnall

Geo Mitchell

John Blanchard

William Cheesman

David Bell

John Gutridge

Adam Flaugher

William Barcalow

William, Dye

Geo Mirriam

Robert Smith

B.W. Waring

John Green

David Blanchard

B. Stith

David Davis

John. P. Campbell

Winslow Parker

D Vertner

James Seargent

A Johnson

Geo. Morton

[and 110 others]

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