Adams Papers

To John Adams from David Mayo, 30 November 1798

Warwick Hamshire county Massachusetts State Nov. 30th 1798.


the undersigned sensible of the Alarming Crisis of our political affairs, and the danger of supineness and inactivity at the present day—Stimulated with a just indignation, & Manly resentment, towards that Nation, from whom we have so repeatedly receiv’d the most atrocious and outragious insults—prompted by the firmness of our Legislator, are Determined to defend our National Character, and invaluable Rights, against the hostile Attacks of every Invader:—and having associated for the important purpose, chearfully offer our Service to the President of the United States, (as Infantry) to be regulated agreably to the Act of Congress Authorising the President to accept of such Companies of Volunteers as the publick Interest may require. Should the President view it extending to the acceptance of this; it is our united wish, that Mr: David Mayo may be appointed Capt. Nathl W. Williams Lieut.—Josiah Pomeroy Jun. Ensign—of [3]d Company Called Lady Adams’ Rangers. and (if it be convenient) that the President would oblige us with the loan of American Arms, on Customary terms, as it will be very difficult to obtain them in any other Manner—if thus organized & acquip’d, we engage that critical attention to the Military art, regularity, & Order, shall mark our conduct, while the safty of our Country may permit us to remain at home, & Chearfull and immediate obedience when called to the Field—

With the Greatest Respect / and perfect Submition

David Mayo

Nathl. W Williams

Josiah Pomeroy Jun.

Joseph Rand

Saml Mayo

Mason Johnson

Enoch Thayer

Asa Thayer—

William Moore

Elijah Wetherell

Amos Marsh

Isaiah Fuller Jun.

Wm: Cobb Jun.

Aaron Bass—

Joel Jennings

Daniel Garfield

Thos: Bancroft

Jonh: Gale Jun.

John C Ball—

George Fisher

Jonas Conant

Asa Conant—Jun.

Jonas Conant

James Ball—

Stephen Ball—

Charles Rich

Simeon Bayden

Justus Russell

Wm. Burnet Jun.

Abraham Leonard

Peter Procter Jun.

Josiah Procter

Saml: Fay

James Blake

Joel Hastings

Lewis Whiting

Moses Childs

Josiah Cobb Jun.

Jonth. Whealock

Abraham Barnes Jun

Bunyan Smith

Benaiah Cook

Mason Armsbee

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