Adams Papers

To John Adams from William Murray, 14 August 1798

The address of the subscribers of the County of Fayette and State of Kentucky,—To the President of the United States,—

Lexington 14th. Augst: 1798—


We have seen with the anxiety which is inseperable from the love of our Country the situation in which the United States are placed by the agressions committed by the French nation on our Commerce our rights and our National Sovereignty.—

Whilst the prospect of peace was in practicable view we looked anxiously toward that event; but we expected peace upon equitable and honourable terms.—We fondly hoped that the constituted powers of France would meet our Envoys on the just and liberal terms offered by them agreeably to their instructions. But, although, all proper advances have been made by our Executive these reasonable expectations have been disappointed.—How it becomes us, as Citizens of an Independant nation, to act in this crisis—there is no question—as Freemen and Americans we do not hesitate.—

We will rally round the standard of our Country—We will support the constituted authorities of that country.

An insidious enemy shall in vain attempt to divide us from the Government of the United States.—

To the support of that Goverment against any foreign enemy “we pledge our Lives our fortunes and our sacred honour.”—

William Murray

James Moody

Will. Morton

James Morrison

John Hollingsworth

Fredk. Lauman

Ninian Edwards

Mann Satterwhite

S. Wilkins

Wm: Clarke

John Baird

Joseph Hudson

William Ring

William West

Saml. Downing

Andw. Holmes

James Wier

Samel. Clinton

A. Kennedy

Francis S. Read

Allan B. Magruder

James McDowell

John Anderson

James Wilson

George Anderson

Joseph Oliver

Pat: McCullough

Tho. Respass

Jo. Jones

J. P. Wagnon

Tho. J. Dickinson

Wm. Sheller

R Middleton

Jno. Wallace

Jno. Downing

Tho. Reed

James Eades

John Robinson

James Grafton.

Abram Fulkerson

John Bryson—

Jona. Holmes

John Arthur

James B. January

Francis Jones

David Sheely

Robt. Lyle

Geo. Trotter

Alexr. Scott

Charles J. Love

John Taylor

Louis Marshall

Alexr: Parker

Sam: Postlethwait junr.

Tho. Wallace

Andw. Hare

John Holmes junr.

John Quigley

Joseph Boswell

Matthew Wiggins

James Whitehead

Jo. Whitehead

Adjet McGuire

William Sanders

Dennis Word

D. V. D. Sutton

Richardson Tyre

M. Myers

Geo. Leonard

John Gardner

J. Teague

E. Snow

David Bowers

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