Adams Papers

From John Adams to United States Senate, 16 July 1798

United States July 16. 1798

Gentlemen of the Senate

I nominate the following Persons to be Commissioners under an Act of Congress passed in the present session to provide for the valuation of Lands and Houses and for the Enumeration of Slaves. Those Gentlemen whose Names have Asterisks before them are intended for first Commissioners

New Hampshire* 1st Division. Nathaniel Gilman... Exeter
2d Do. Joseph Badger Junr... Gilmantown
3d Do. Joshua Atherton... Amherst
4th Do. John Bellows... Walpole
5th Do. David Hough... Lebanon
Massachusetts 1st. Division Nathaniel Dummer... Hallowell
2d. Do Nathaniel Wells... Wells
3d. Do. Nathan Dane... Beverley
* 4th. Do Thomas Dawes... Boston
5th. Do. Eleazer Brooks... Lincoln
6th. Do. Beza Hayward... Bridgewater
7th. Do. Joseph Allen... Worcester
8th. Do. Abel Whitney... Westfield
9th. Do. William Bacon... Sheffield
Rhode Island. 1st. Division. John L. Boss of Newport
2d. Do. Elisha R. Potter... South Kingston
* 3d. Do. John Dorrance... Providence
Connecticut* 1st. Division. Andrew Kingsbury of Hartford
2d. Do. Epaphroditus Champion.. East Haddam
3d. Do. Shubael Abbee... Windham
4th. Do. William Heron... Reading
5th. Do. Julius Deming... Litchfield
Vermont* 1st. Division. Jonathan Hunt of Kinsdale
2d. Do. Elijah Dewy.. Bennington
3d. Do. James Whitelaw... Ryegate
4th. Do. Jonathan Spafford.. Williston
5th. Do. Ebenezer Crafts.. Crafstbury
New York 1st. Division Selah Strong of Brookhaven
* 2d. Do. James Watson New York
3d. Do Samuel Haight Cortlandtown
4th. Do Peter Cantine Junr. Rhinebeck
5th. Do Stephen N. Bayard.. Schenectady
6th. Do. James Gordon.. Ballstown
7th. Do Charles Newkirk.. Palatine
8th. Do. Moss Kent.. Cooperstown
9th. Do Comfort Tyler. Manlius
New Jersey. 1st. Division. Peter Vredenburgh Junr. of Brunswick
2d. Do. David Ford... Morristown
* 3d. Do. Jonathan Rhea.. Trenton
4th. Do. John Black... Burlington
5th. Do. John Blackwood Gloucester County
Pennsylvania 1st. Division. Israel Whelen of Philadelphia
2d. Do. Paul Zantzinger.. Lancaster County
3d. Do Seth Chapman.. Montgomery County
* 4th. Do. Collinson Read... Reading
5th. Do. Jacob Eyerly Junr. Northampton County
6th. Do. Michael Shmyser. York County
7th. Do. Thomas Grant Northumberland Cty.
8th. Do. Samuel Davidson. Bedford County
9th. Do. Isaac Jenkinson Washington Cty.
Delaware 1st. Division. Joseph Israel of Christiana bridge
2d. Do. Andrew Barratt. Kent County
* 3d. Do. Isaac Cooper. Sussex County
Maryland 1st. Division. Benjamin Douglass of NewPort
2d. Do. Thomas Turner... Georgetown
3d. Do. Robert Gorsuch... Baltimore
* 4th. Do. Upton Sherridine.. Frederick County
5th. Do. William Ward.. Cecil County
6th. Do. Geroge Finley.. Queen Anne’s County
7th. Do. John Gale. Somerset County
Virginia 1st. Division David Stephenson of Augusta County
2d. Do. John Haymond.. Harrison County
3d. Do. James Breckenridge Botetourt County
4th. Do. William Leftwich Bedford County
5th. Do. Jacob Moreton.. Charlotte
6th. Do. William Massenburg.. Sussex County
7th. Do. William Salter.. Surry Cty.
* 8th. Do. Thomas Tinsley Hanover Cty.
9th. Do. Nathaniel Burwell. King Wm. County
10th. Do. William Payne.. Fairfax Cty.
11th. Do. George Divers.. Albermarle Cty.
Kentucky 1st. Division. James French... of Madison County.
* 2d. Do. Robert Breckenridge... Jefferson County.
3d. Do. John Caldwell... Christian County
4th. Do. Henry Lee... Mason County
5th. Do. Robert Johnson... Scott County.
North Carolina 1st. Division John Skinner of Perquimans Cty.
2d. Do. Spyres Singleton... New Bern
* 3d. Do. Joseph John Williams... Halifax Cty.
4th. Do. Absalom Fatom... Hillsborough
5th. Do. Thomas Henderson... Rockingham Cty.
6th. Do. Wallace Alexander... Lincoln Cty.
7th. Do. Joseph Dixon... Duplin Cty.
Tennessee 1st. Division Hugh Nelson of Greene County
* 2d do. James White... Knox County
3d. do. James Winchester... Sumner County
South Carolina* 1st. Division. Arnoldus Vanderhorst of Charleston
2d. Do. John Chesnut... Camden
3d. Do. (Genl.) Robert Anderson ...
4th. Do. William Anderson... Edgfield
5th. Do. Stephen Elliott... Beaufort
Georgia 1st. Division. James Powell of Liberty County
* 2d. Do. Jared Irwin... Washington Cty.
3d. Do. Benjamin Taliaferro. Wilkes County

John Adams

DNA: RG 46—Records of the U.S. Senate.

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