Adams Papers

Gerbrand Ravekes & J. G. Thin van Keulen to John Adams: A Translation, 30 May 1782

Gerbrand Ravekes & J. G. Thin van Keulen to John Adams: A Translation

Amsterdam, 30 May 1782


Although we have done everything possible to try to find someone who wants to take over the house that we, in our capacity, had the honor to rent to your excellency,1 we had not found anyone until now. But, since they only want to pay f 1,200 in rent per year, we have not dared to agree to it without your excellency’s consent, considering the loss that will result from it. We very humbly ask that your excellency honor us with a short reply to guide us.2

We have the honor to be with the greatest consideration and the deepest respect, sir, your excellency’s very humble and very obedient servants

G: Ravekes gg

J: G: Thin Van Keulen gg

RC (Adams Papers).

1This is the house “upon the Keysers Gragt . . . near the Spiegel Straat” that JA had rented in April 1781 and resided in until his move to The Hague in May 1782 (vol. 11:254, note 1).

2For JA’s reply of 31 May to Gerbrand Ravekes & J. G. Thin van Keulen, not found, in which he apparently agreed to their proposal, see the firm’s letter of 29 June, below.

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