Adams Papers

Balthasar Elias Abbema to John Adams: A Translation, 11 April 1782

Balthasar Elias Abbema to John Adams: A Translation

Amsterdam, 11 April 1782


I will be very flattered if I am the first to inform you that the Provincial States of Utrecht yesterday adopted unanimously the resolution concurring with the other provinces for your admission as minister plenipotentiary of the Congress of the United Provinces of America.1 I received this news from my brother, a member of the third estate of the said province. I take advantage of this occasion as always to assure you, sir, of the particular esteem and the distinguished consideration with which I have the honor to be, sir, your very humble and very obedient servant,

B E Abbema

RC (Adams Papers).

1No copy of the Dutch text of the resolution adopted by Utrecht on 10 April is in the Adams Papers, but JA included an English translation in his letter of 19 April to Robert R. Livingston, below, and in A Collection of State-Papers, 1782, p. 88–89.

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