Adams Papers

C. W. F. Dumas to John Adams: A Translation, 1 June 1781

C. W. F. Dumas to John Adams: A Translation

[ca. 1 June 1781]


The carrier of this letter, Mr. Rosenblad, is the Swedish gentleman of whom I had the honor to speak to you here, and for whom you promised to give consideration in procuring a free passage to America on one of the ships departing for the continent. The indisputable testimonies that I have received about him, which he himself is in the process of obtaining, his character which I have come to know, and the merit that I have recognized in him, all make me hope that it will not be difficult to grant him the satisfaction that he demands, that is, to be able to distinguish himself as a simple volunteer soldier in the American army, and to sacrifice himself in the same capacity during his journey. Without speaking of his birth, which is distinguished, his rank of officer of Engineers in his own country; his full range of knowledge, talent, experience, and sentiment; the purity of his morals and the wisdom of his conduct all persuade me that the humble position he nobly strives for will be an estimable acquisition for the American army. I fear, sir, that he will not find you at Amsterdam, but I hope that Mr. Thaxter will fill in during your absence and also tell him what day he can see you when you return.1 I have the honor to be with very great respect, sir, your very humble and very obedient servant


RC (Adams Papers).

1Nicolas Rosenblad wrote to JA on 1 June (Adams Papers) requesting passage to America in order to serve in the Continental Army. On 18 July, John Thaxter wrote to Dumas, “I am afraid your friend Mr. Rosenblad will not be able to go to America in the way he wished. I have enquired for him, but know of no present opportunity” (PCC, No. 101, II, f. 202). There is no further mention of Rosenblad in the Adams Papers and no evidence that he served in the Continental Army.

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