Adams Papers

Jean Luzac to John Adams: A Translation, 24 November 1780

Jean Luzac to John Adams: A Translation

Leyden, 24 November 1780


I have the honor to enclose two more copies of the Pensées. I am not including more because you can get them more easily in Amsterdam from the booksellers listed in the advertisement appearing in today’s Gazette.1 I am very glad that you approve of the preface which is, however, far beneath the encomium that you bestow upon it.2

I agree with you regarding the intentions of the people whom you mention. I hope, if they are realized, that it will be a real war: that it will not be a mock war, calculated to crush the commercial interest of our country and to increase by our defeats the influence of those, who cry that our friendship with Britain is our salvation. In the meantime, it appears that the publication of Mr. Laurens’ papers works against the wishes of those who made such an uproar over them.

I have the honor to be, with the most respectful sentiments, sir, your excellency’s very humble and very obedient servant,

J: Luzac

RC (Adams Papers).

1See the Gazette de Leyde of 24 Nov., which indicated that Pensées was being sold by four Amsterdam booksellers.

2Contained in JA’s letter of 20 Nov. (above), to which this letter is a reply.

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