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Resolution of the Massachusetts Council, 18 October 1779

Resolution of the Massachusetts Council

Council Chamber Octobr. 18th. 1779

Ordered that the honourable John Adams Esqr. have the Loan of one Qto: vol: entitled “All the Memorials of the Courts of Great-Britain and France, since the peace of Aix la Chapelle, relative to the limits of the Terrotories of both Crowns in North America &c.”1 now belonging to the Library in the Council Chamber, to be returned by him into said Library so soon as he shall have done with the same.2

Attest, Jno. Avery D Sey.

MS (M-Ar: vol. 175, p. 651a); docketed: “Order permitg. Honble: John Adams Esqr. to have the Loan of one Qto: vol: of the Mems. of the Courts & [of] Gt. Britain & France since the peace of Aix la Chapelle Octr. 18th. 1779.”

1This was: Great Britain, Commissioners for Adjusting the Boundaries for the British and French Possessions in America, All the Memorials of the Courts of Great Britain and France, Since the Peace of Aix la Chapelle, Relative to the Limits of the Territories of Both Crowns in North America; and the Right to the Neutral Islands in the West Indies (The Hague, 1756).

2JA’s earliest acknowledgment that he had learned of his appointment was on 17 Oct. (letters to Gerry, La Luzerne, and Lovell of that date, above); thus he lost little time in seeking to prepare himself for his new mission.

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