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Paine’s Minutes of the Argument: Plymouth Court of General Sessions, October 1766

Paine’s Minutes of the Argument1

Plymouth Court of General Sessions, October 1766

Plympton vs. Middleborough


Shurtleffe. J. Mar[shall] went from Plym[pton] to Mid[dleborough] 21. Dec. 1753.

Mr. Josiah Marshal. Came to Plymp[ton] Augt. 1747 till 20th Novr. 1753.2 Then to Midd[leborough], returned to Ply[mpton] 7th July 1758. Was Grammar School Master at Midd[leborough]. I went to Pembroke 4 yr. ago and kept school there 2 yr. and 2 months.

Capt. Sprout. Mr. Marshal kept School at Midd[leborough] 5 years.


Pity there should be a dispute.

Warrant of Warning no Seal no mention made of his Wife and children, not to depart within 14 days. A man and his family means nothing more than the man; Marshals Wife was born at Plymton.

Warrant to remove, not setting forth the cause, given by a Justice in the same Town

Strange. 1163.3

1In Paine’s hand. Paine Law Notes.

2Thus in MS. JA’s notes read 10 November.

3That is, Greate Charte v. Kennington, note 3 above. Paine has erroneously written “1163.”

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